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Sri Lanka Beach

An island found in the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean is Sri Lanka. This little pearl in the Indian Ocean with luxurious resorts and coconut fringed coastline is the ideal destination for beach holidays. Sri Lanka beach offers about 870km2 of water with a coastline of 1,340 km long. The specialty in the beaches is that they are unique from each other, each area with beaches offers a vast number of splendid experiences for its visitors; for example Galle on the south coast consists of historical heritage which is an added advantage to a sun and sand holiday. Likewise, the drive along the coastline offers interesting stopovers such as; batik factories, turtle hatcheries. Not only that but also it offers various water sports.

When mentioning about the Sri Lanka Beach, there are a lot of areas that one must explore. If someone wants to find luxurious resorts and a place full of action, then the ideal destination must be the “Gold coast” (South of Colombo). This coast starts from Mt. Lavinia and stretches up to Hambantota. The eastern and northern coastal beach stretches from Arugam Bay up to Kuchchaveli approximately 275km along the east coast. Pristine Beaches, clear and shallow water with wide stretches of golden sand, still lagoons, deep natural harbors, coral gardens, bays and coves easily take a person’s heart. The best beaches along the east coast are Marble bay, Nilaveli, kuchchaveli, sweat bay and the Dead Man’s cove with its magnificent and interesting harbor. The southern section of the east coast offers Passikudah, Arugam Bay and Kalkudah.

Moreover one can spend the best beach holiday in the Sri Lanka Beach, as there is a wide choice of itineraries for a memorable beach holiday; every experience comes with picturesque locations, affordable prices and high quality services. Sri Lanka is one of the world’s top hot spot when it comes to observing the charismatic Giants (whale watching). The largest Baleen Whales together with the largest Toothed Whales can be spotted in their own natural habitats. Beaches in Sri Lanka also offer a variety of water sports. With the glittering sand and sun, fantastic weather, warm water, colorful marine, coral gardens, wildlife, hundreds of shipwrecks, and great visibility, Sri Lanka is a diver’s dream. Not only diving but also the hot winds and perfect waves give space for the wind surfers to wake up from their dream and experience a memorable ride in the ocean. Snorkeling, canoeing, dolphin watching, boating, deep sea fishing, river cruises, yachting, scuba and scuba diving, jet and water skiing, sea kayaking and much more are going to make the best of the best dream holiday for a local or international visitor to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is more famous for its sea food. The beach resorts offer a vast variety of fresh and mouthwatering sea food. Sri Lanka beach is the favorite of almost every local and foreign visitor. This tiny island covered with a precious sea offers much more things that a person should experience by their own.

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