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India, since antiquity and centuries before the advent of tourism, has enticed and fascinated all: conquerors and migrants, adventurers and traders, spiritualists, missionaries and European colonisers.

India boasts of an unmatched and culturally diverse heritage. The ancient civilisations, numerous languages and dialects, the fascinating myths and legends influenced by a myriad of external forces have elevated it to be a 21st-century melting pot of world philosophy and culture. Embedded in India are the roots of Hinduism from which Buddhism sprung , as well as Jainism, Mahayanism, Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism , Christianity and Judaism intertwining with the mystic spell of yoga – a veritable confluence of spiritual entities.

Besides being the home to the world’s most populated cities, India offers an encyclopedic spectrum of tourists’ interests; from lively and colorful rituals to somber religious rites along the banks of the Ganges, from crowded camel auctions in Rajasthan, colorful bazaars and fairs, bustling townships, festivals and elephant processions to compelling sights of lavish Maharajas palaces, the glorious cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora, the magnificently carved erotic monuments at Khajuraho, extensive ancient fortresses and the incomparable Taj Mahal , Emperor Shah Jehan’s magnificent and enduring monument to his true love.

The sprawling landmass of the subcontinent encompasses an amazing array of climatic zones, from the ice-capped Himalayan Mountains of the North, extensive deserts landscapes, and plains, green valleys and hill stations, extremely humid regions further south as well as islands flanking the peninsula.

Known as a mega-diverse wildlife region, the country is endowed with over 300 mammals, an avifauna of 2000 species as well as reptiles, fish and amphibians. Wildlife is observed within the confines of 515 sanctuaries around the subcontinent, of which 48 are tiger reserves. India protects the last pride of Asian lions and Bengal tigers and is also the preserve of the one-horned rhino, Asian elephant, brown bear, sloth bear and leopard.

India is today tagged as an incredible destination to travellers and tourists.


"Very Professional"

Jehan has gone out of his way to show us Sri Lanka. He has acted with professionalism. Been extremely caring throughout our holiday. We look forward to our next trip with you.

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Thank you for accommodating me at such a short notice. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country. It has been a superb experience.

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Thanks for a great tour Akthar. You have excellent knowledge of Sri Lanka. Everything was very well organized, it was a lovely stress free holiday. Was glad i got to experience its beauty & Culture.

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Had a Fantastic time & looking forward to doing more tours in the future.

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We Spent a very special holiday is Sri Lanka. Unforgettable !!!

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